HELP - changed ISP and im blocked out!

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Tue Apr 29 10:56:20 PDT 2003

Yup, you're right. I'm planning to upgrade the cpu & memory & get a second
nic, then i'll setup NAT or something with my windows machines behind the
bsd box.

Thanks :)

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This is just going to happen again when your computers renew an IP
address.  The reason your ISP is giving you more then 1 subnet is
because they added a new block of IP addresses to the router on the
ISP side and had to setup new routing and subnet masks to do this.
It would be far better for you to route your own private network
especially if you are sharing any resources with your computers.  You
are not secure right now from hackers!

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>for me it's just simpler that way. I only have 2 computers at home,
>mission critical, and the leases from my isp are for the most part
>the ip practically never changes. The problem was that my isp was
>each of the systems to separate subnets with some wierd network
>access stuff
>happening. the problem actually cleared itself up when my windows
>after renewing was assigned to the same subnet as my bsd box. go
>thanks tho :)
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>"Don Buckley" writes:
>> okay, i turned off the firewall on my windows machine, and from my
>> machine I pinged my windows machine and it died, 5 attempts, 100%
>> loss, so my bsd machine cannot see my windows machine either :(
>> I think it must have something to do with my ISP (Telus, adsl),
>> machines are on DHCP and when connecting to telus they each get
>> different subnets, which I think is wierd.
>Why in the world are you getting IP addresses for your LAN from your
>ISP? They really have nothing to do with each other.
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