can't mount a logical ext3 partition

Kevin Wortman kwortman at
Mon Apr 28 18:59:37 PDT 2003


I just installed 5.0-RELEASE, and I have been having trouble mounting my Linux 
/home partition.  It is a logical ext3 partition, which Linux called 
/dev/hda7 .  I've been getting the following error:

# mount -t ext2fs /dev/ad0s7 /mnt
ext2fs: /dev/ad0s7: No such file or directory

But the device is there, as evidenced by

# ls -l /dev/ad0s7
crw-r-----  1 root  operator    4,   7 Apr 28 17:20 /dev/ad0s7

In fact all the slice/partition devices I'd expect are present, so it would 
seem that the kernel is reading the entire partition table correctly.

I read through the archives, and the consensus seems to be that ext3 and ext2 
filesystems should be interchangeable.  So I don't think that's the issue.

Any ideas?

Kevin Wortman

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