installing vpopmail but I want to use mysql

Raphael Marmier raphael at
Mon Apr 28 15:14:55 PDT 2003

This might be a good start:

and of course:

by the way, thanks guys for this great stuff!


Le lundi, 28 avr 2003, à 23:53 Europe/Zurich, Liquid a écrit :

> Hi,
> I've recently installed qmail, and I'm using the included qmail-pop3d 
> as
> the pop server.  This is all working great, it's running on a small
> machine I use myself as a router/firewall and I just thought I'd play
> with email.  Now, I have several domains I am hosting on the box using
> bind, and now I'd like to use them for email as well so I'm looking 
> into
> installing vpopmail.  I know about the fbsd mail-toaster and I think 
> its
> great, I only wish I saw it before I installed everything.
> I found a site:
> that shows how to install vpopmail using mysql among other things.  I
> noticed that it's a how-to targeted at rh users so I didn't use it for
> more than insight on my installation.  The thing is though that I
> noticed that the author wants the users to modify vmysql.h before the
> ./configure make... etc.  If I install vpopmail from /usr/ports/mail I
> wont' have the opportunity to do so obviously, so I'm wondering if on a
> freebsd system that is even necessary, or if there's some other way,
> after vpopmail is installed, to tell it what/where the database is.
> Thanks,
> Sandro M.
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