how to view .chm files?

Ian Morrison ian at
Mon Apr 28 03:26:04 PDT 2003

* Shantanu Mahajan <shantanoo+fbsd at> [2003-04-21 04:37]: 

>     Hi!
>     Is there any port which able to display the contents
>     of .chm (help) files?

kindof...  /usr/ports/converters/chmview

Chmview is a simple program to decompose .chm-file to the
components. Originally it was written for MS Windows to work
in conjunction with Far filemanager.


I've just tried it on a few .chm files, and it didn't work.  didn't
want to view or extract the archive, which is a bit of a shame.

anyone else got any ideas?  i see there's chmlib in misc/chmlib - i've
not been able to find a program which uses it to turn a chm file into a
file hierarchy.

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