Dual Boot FreeBSD and Linux

Adam blueeskimo at gmx.net
Sun Apr 27 17:35:44 PDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-04-27 at 20:03, stan wrote:
> I've got a new laptop that I want to dual boot FreeBSD, and Debian Linux
> on.
> I installed FreeBSD specifying the boot loader, and then rebooted the
> machine. I then installed Debian, specifying to leave the MBR alone, and
> install LILO in /target on the linux filesystem partition.
> However now when I reboot, I get a choice for Linux, but pressing that key
> (happens to be F3) just beeps. I looked in the handbook, and all I could
> find about this was how to make LILO do this. I've run multi boot machines
> in the past using the FreeBSD bootloader, but it's been a while, and I
> forget the details of making it work.
> Would I be better off using LILO or the FreeBSD bootloader (or Grub)?
> How can I make the FreeBSD bootloader work for this?


I fought with setting up dual-boot for 3 days with no luck. GAG is by
far the easiest one out there to set up and customize, imo.

Adam <blueeskimo at gmx.net>
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