GDM ignoring keyboard input (mostly)

Mark Dixon mark at
Sat Apr 26 09:33:30 PDT 2003

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

>On Sat, 2003-04-26 at 04:46, Mark Dixon wrote:
>>My 5.0-CURRENT system is having difficulties. When it boots up, it 
>>starts GDM automatically, but most of the time, GDM (X/ gnome?) 
>>completely forgets about the keyboard. This means that its impossible to 
>>enter a username, or move to a termial (Ctrl-Alt-x). The only key 
>>combination that does work is ctrl-alt-del (I'm on i386, btw). I rebuilt 
>>current a few days ago, but thet didn't seem to make any difference, and 
>>all my X / Gnome2 related ports have been portupgraded.
>>The keyboard _is_ working, as booting up in single user mode, or not 
>>starting gdm works fine. On the odd occasiom, gdm does work as well. 
>>There doesn't seem to be much logic to it.
>>Has anyone seen anything like this? Anyone know whats going wrong?
>How are you starting GDM?

Its installed via the port and starts from /usr/X11R6/etc/rc.d/

which is basically renamed.


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