Problems setting up dual-boot

Shantanu Mahajan shantanoo+fbsd at
Fri Apr 25 21:41:01 PDT 2003

+++ Adam [freebsd] [25-04-03 13:28 -0400]:
| I've tried about 18 different ways to get my dual-boot working, but it
| just refuses to give me the option to choose between OS's.
| Here's my setup:
| hd0: Windows 2000
| hd2: FreeBSD 5.0
| During install, I specified to install the FreeBSD Boot Manager on hd2.
| However, the boot manager does not detect the Windows 2000 partition,
| and jumps right in to running FreeBSD.
| I then tried running /stand/sysinstall to do a post-install fdisk to add
| the boot manager to hd0. The idea here was to boot to hd0, select Win2k,
| or load up the boot manager on hd2 and proceed. However, this setup just
| jumps right into Win2k without any options.
| I've been all over
| and
|, but I'm afraid that I'm just about out of ideas. The terminology is a bit foreign to me, so following the instructions is a bit difficult.
| Someone suggested modifying the Windows boot.ini file to do it, but I'm
| not really sure how to do that either.
| I'm almost to the point of just reinstalling from scratch to get this
| working. However, before I do that, I'd like to see if someone can offer
| some advice. I'm lost at the moment, so any extra info would surely be
| helpful.
| Thanks,
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| Adam <blueeskimo at>


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