make world multiuser...

Robert Leo Hilliard Heuer robert at
Fri Apr 25 15:27:20 PDT 2003


   I -know- it's better to upgrade a system in single user mode. But, 
some of my machines are far far away. If we minimize the rc.conf file, 
loading the less programs as posible? I make all the big thing via SSH. 
As long as the upgrade process lasts, I can access the machine via SSH 
if it exists a copy con RAM... I've tested copying the sshd binary to 
sshd_test, stop sshd and run sshd_test to have control over the machine.

   Does some1 had to do a full upgrade to the system remotely, following 
the /usr/src/Makefile instructions, all but boot -s ???

Thanks in advance.

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