---- Sendmail not working from command line.

Michael K. Smith mksmith at noanet.net
Fri Apr 25 14:48:34 PDT 2003

On 4/25/03 2:35 PM, "James Lee" <jlee at visi.com> wrote:

> I have a real domain name. I have an ISP. I changed the Server name to
> ra.myisp.com it's not really ra.myisp.com because I'm sending my info
> through email.  I also changed the address. The real address points to
> my ISP's primary DNS server. My domain is hosted at another ISP.

Locahost.com resolves to the 10. Address as listed below:

-bash-2.05b$ host localhost.com
localhost.com has address
localhost.com mail is handled (pri=10) by ghost.localhost.com

You need to have the following line in your config:               localhost localhost.my.domain

Where you change localhost.my.domain to whatever your machine resolves to,
or just leave it the way it is.  Don't, however, use localhost.com.  That is
a valid DNS name and belongs to someone else.

If your aren't running DNS locally, make sure you have the following in your

domain  <domain name>
nameserver  <ip of your ISP's DNS>

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> On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, James Lee wrote:
>> This is the output for nslookup localhost.com
>> # nslookup localhost.com
>> Server:  ra.myisp.com
>> Address:
>> Non-authoritative answer:
>> Name:    localhost.com
>> Address:
> There seems to be some confusion here.  Both localhost.com and myisp.com
> are registered domain names, belonging to other people.  They shouldn't
> really be used as names for your machines. ra.myisp.com itself resolves
> to
>> I changed the servers name to ra.myisp.com because it points to my
>> providers DNS server. I also changed the address underneath server
>> because it was my ISPs DNS address. I don't know where to fix this
>> problem. I also don't know why the Non-authoritative's address is
> That is because that is the name the owners of localhost.com have chosen
> to have it resolve to.  Localhost != localhost.com
> Ideally, use a domain you own for your internal DNS, or, as long as the
> machine is not answering queries coming in from the Internet, make up a
> domain like internal.intranet or mydomain.moc.  I have tried using TLDs
> as internal-only domains, but they don't work very well.  Some programs
> expect name.ext and don't like www.lan or user at lan, with lan. as the
> local-only TLD.
> Bill.
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