booteasy configuration file

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Apr 25 12:19:53 PDT 2003

Les <lestat at Relay1.Shutdown.Ro> writes:

> does bteasy have a configuration file, for i'm not pleased (who is)
> with the way it labels "??" my linux partition for example...and where


This is a FAQ.

> is it installed on disk? i can't even find find it on the install
> cdrom..(Freebsd 5.0)

It isn't installed in the filesystem.  It's only installed in the boot
sector.  [That's the big advantage that makes it worth the aesthetic
limitations -- it isn't dependent on any of the OS partitions to be
able to boot the other OS.]

On the install CDROM, it's in /tools

> i've seen in the earlier postings about OSBS as an alternative to
> bteasy, but there's nowhere to be downloaded from..

That's in the install CDROM under /tools as well.

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