tar.gz backups fail crc check

Redmond Militante r-militante at northwestern.edu
Fri Apr 25 09:56:31 PDT 2003

hi all

i've been backing up to a dell powervault 715 device mapped to my machine through an nfs share

i have a script in /etc/periodic that i run nightly that tar's up the /usr/local /root /etc /var and /sbin partitions and moves them to the powervault nfs share

it looks like my backups are no good.  when i try to extract my var.tar.gz files, for example i get the following output

it starts uncompressing, then

tar: skipping to the next header
tar: archivve contains obsolescent base-64 headers
gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error
tar: child returned status 1
tar: error exit delayed from previous errors

is this because i'm backing up to a nas device?  

thanks again

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