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Fri Apr 25 08:35:36 PDT 2003

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John Johnson wrote:
> Hello All,I/we wish to thank you all for your tremendous contribution
 > so far to us. We are happy to inform that we have just gotten a copy
 > of FreeBSD (sorry can't mention the name).

Huh?  What do you mean by "can't mention the name"?

> We really really thank everyone
 > for their time and mails.We wish to further implore everybodys continued
 > help in setting up a mail server.FreeBSD whizzes amongst us had started
 > installing the software to study it.We are also downloading the FreeBSD
 > Handbook (page by page, for our use only, I hope it does not infringe on
 > some rights)

It's a little late to check that, after you've already done it, but I don't
think you're infringing on anything as long as you follow this:

However, you might be happier to know that:
a) once you've installed FreeBSD, you have the handbook (as well as other
    docs) in /usr/share/doc/ (in multiple languages to boot!)
b) If you read the doc handbook
    you'll learn how to download the FreeBSD Hanbook in source form and
    you can compile it into many formats, as well as easily keep it
    updated on your local system.

> There is practically no book available in Sierra Leone on
 > FreeBSD. Pls, which ports collection or packages needs to be installed
 > with the "sendmail" MTA.

None.  Sendmail is perfectly capable of being a mailserver without any
addons.  If you need functionality that sendmail doesn't have, look in

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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