---- Sendmail not working from command line.

James Lee jlee at visi.com
Fri Apr 25 07:31:13 PDT 2003

This is the output for nslookup localhost.com

# nslookup localhost.com
Server:  ra.myisp.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    localhost.com


I changed the servers name to ra.myisp.com because it points to my
providers DNS server. I also changed the address underneath server
because it was my ISPs DNS address. I don't know where to fix this
problem. I also don't know why the Non-authoritative's address is

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nslookup localhost.com
If this resolves properly to
Then check whether sendmail is running.


>From: "James Lee" <jlee at visi.com>
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>Subject: RE:RE: Sendmail not working from command line.
>Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 20:12:48 -0500
># mail -v myname at mydomain.com
>Subject: test
>Null message body; hope that's ok
>myname at mydomain.com... Connecting to localhost.com. via relay...
>myname at mydomain.com... Deferred: Operation timed out with
>It does really say localhost.com, I only changed my email address. I'm
>also trying to get my form to work send me mail on my website. I think
>it's related to this problem. The forms say the message was sent but it
>never gets to me. It also takes a long time to complete once send is
>pressed on the form.
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>On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 11:31:34AM -0500, James Lee wrote:
> > I typed into the command line echo "hi there" | mail
>myname at mydomain.com
> >
> > I got nothing in my mailbox.
>try mail -v myname at mydomain.com (after the subject, end your
>message with a single dot and a newline). what happens? post the
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