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Fri Apr 25 03:52:00 PDT 2003

If you have no backup and that data is really important, you should 
dismount the drive from the computer immediatly. There are specialised 
company that do data recovery on trashed disks, etc... and I think 
there is one in Germany, maybe others elsewhere in Europe.

Of course, it must be really important data because this kind of 
service is very expensive (in thousands), and you are still not sure it 
will work.

As you seem to write from a governmental adress I assume this might be 
the case.

wish you the best luck

Raphael Marmier

Le vendredi, 25 avr 2003, à 10:45 Europe/Zurich, Ülkü SAYILAN a écrit :

> Hi..
> I have delete accidently my files that is in oen directory with this 
> command...
> rm  -rf  ?*
> but I have to recover it... because a lots of document lost...
> I can I do for recovering?
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