Mozilla (devel) does not properly display 'alien' characters

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Fri Apr 25 02:58:36 PDT 2003


Eversince I use Mozilla-devel version, the ability of displaying non-regular
characters has stopped. With non-regular, I mean for example German-Umlaut chars,
or Korean/Chinese/Japanese chars etc. Such chars appear as squares on the screen
(see attachment, if that comes through to the list).
Such chars used to be OK in the past, as far as I remember.

Yes, I realize, Mozilla-devel is bleeding-edge technology, but I don't think
this is a coding bug in Mozilla, is it?

I would appreciate if someone can point out to me where the problem lies.

Thanks so much,

PS: "xset -q" says about the font path
Font Path:

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