How To Repair Vinum Subdisk?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Thu Apr 24 17:12:49 PDT 2003

I recently added a new drive to a concatenated plex in vinum on a
4.8-RELEASE machine.  I edited the disklabel to type 'vinum' and then
defined the drive as a subdisk in the plex.  The vinum 'list' command showed
everything up and running so I used growfs to expand the file system.
Everything appeared to finish OK.

However upon my first reboot of the system, the vinum volume won't mount and
the newly added subdisk shows a state of 'crashed'.  If I stop and restart
the subdisk, then it shows a state of 'up' but the volume still won't mount
as it is 'dirty' and needs to be fsck'ed.  But when I fsck the volume, the
system core dumps on a signal 6.

This particular volume consists of 3 80GB IDE drives.  The first two drives
I've had running successfully in the machine for about a year.  Then when
the volume filled, I bought an additional drive, put it in a firewire
enclosure (I was out of space in the machine case), made the necessary mods
to the kernel, and then plugged the drive into the machine.  Because I
haven't added any additional data to the volume, there is nothing on the new
subdisk to lose but I do want to preserve the data on the first two
subdisks.  I also mention the firewire in case it makes a difference.

Please let me know if there's any other information I can provide.  I
attempted to go to to find the details required for
assistance but the site is unreachable as of 17:10 Pacific Daylight Time on
April 24.

Thanks for your help,


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