SIS900 NIC [on board], pay some attention, please !

Alexander amour at
Thu Apr 24 12:05:53 PDT 2003

Hello there !

I was writing to freebsd lists some time ago, again asking for some help
about SIS900 NIC. Then some other people also complained that the sis900
driver that comes with FreeBSD 4.x and FreeBSD-CURRENT (later 5.0) doesn't
actually work at all. So some patches were released and also the drivers
in -STABLE and -CURRENT were also updated. And guess what, it is still not
working on my laptop ! I really waited long, looked around for some other
patches or updates but ... nothing ! There was also some people,
whose SIS900 NICs were also not working, mailed me asking if I got my NIC
working. But the answer was, and is "NO"

I'm not mailing the list(s) to tell my story, but to ask someone who is
interested in auditing the problem and fixing the driver, I'm ready to
give my whole time for the cause ...

The problem consists of the "MII without any PHY" while probing for
the SIS900 NIC and then I simply get kernel panic and can't boot
any further. The only advantage of all the updatings of the sis900 driver was
that now the it finds the nic's mac, not very helpfull but it's still

I've described most of the problem at the very nice freebsd hardware

Thanks, for at least reading the email :)

P.S. If You reply to this email, please include my email address while

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