Audio Question

jhoder at jhoder at
Thu Apr 24 07:26:36 PDT 2003

it seems like the only decent audio metering program that's available for 
freebsd is the gkrellmss plugin for gkrellm.  i have the plugin showing up on 
my desktop, the other gkrellm meters work fine.  i'm told that esd is necessary 
to feed sound sources to the gkrellmss meter, that it will feed the meter 


what i'm trying to figure out is how i configure esd to receive audio from my 
existing (and functioning) freebsd sound device.  esd talks to my soundcard 
because i hear the program's startup beeps when it launches.  i've tried 
pointing esd to various devices (dsp, dsp0, dsp1, audio0, mixer0, etc.) but to 
no avail.

if anyone has experience running esd on freebsd i'd appreciate your thoughts.

thanks in advance,


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