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Wed Apr 23 21:25:52 PDT 2003

1) Does FreeBSD support IDE RAID controllers?
2) Does it support AMD Athlons (natively)?
2) Where can I find information for configuring FreeBSD for use in these 

I've been a RedHat user for years and currently support a large number of 
RedHat servers--HTTP, SMTP, FTP, and VPN servers, to name a few. 

I was recently turned on to FreeBSD. I downloaded the ISOs and installed. So 
far, I like it! 

All the software I need to run on it will work. However, the biggest problem 
I'm having is hardware compatibility. 

The servers I produce are (mostly) turn-key--that is, they're not Dells or 
Gateways. Most of my customers are looking for high performance at the 
lowest possible cost. Thus, I offer a lot of IDE RAID and Athlon-based 
servers to them. 

I've received a suprisingly good response with this and other "budget" 
hardware configurations. All of the manufacturers I use provide Linux 
drivers for their hardware or the support is provided in the Linux kernel. 

None of the vendors I use provide FreeBSD software (with the exception of 
Adaptec for version 4.11). So, I'm guessing that the support for hardware on 
the compatibility list is provide by the FreeBSD project but I can't seem to 
locate the documentation for setting up these configurations. 

Any help would be greately appreciated. 

Tom Smith
High Performance Computing
webmaster at hpcaz.com

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