Newbie lpd printing

Gary Schenk gwschenk at
Wed Apr 23 18:42:57 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 23 April 2003 12:55 am, Malcolm Kay wrote:

> Until now I thought you had solved your printer problem. Some more
> information would probably help:
>  Which Epson printer do you have -- is it an inkjet? -- which particular
> model.

That Epson was an old junker that was just for experimenting. The quality 
was very poor, and I've replaced it with a HP 6122.

>  Do you have ghostscript installed? Aladdin or Gnu?

> With this information we can possibly fix the filter script for you.
> A relatively simple filter switching between plain text and postscript
> should be fairly simple to implement if your printer is supported by
> ghostscript.
That was the impression I got from my research. The script befuddles me, as 
I got it from two very good sources. I realize that I need to learn shell 
programming, and I am working on that, but I have a real need to print 

> More complex filters are sometimes employed to directly manage output
> in other formats -- particularly picture formats -- or to select printer
> options such as resolution, speed vs quality but I find this overkill.

Yes, I agree. Where can I find the simple filter? 
> malcolm

Thanks for your reply.

Gary Schenk

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