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I'm afraid not, FreeBSD dfoesn't run on old m68k based systems. Your two
options are NetBSD and Linux (Probably Debian). And you've got some fun
ahead of you to get them installed. You'll also need to copy the files to
your Mac OS(System 7) partition, then install to a blank drive. It's
non-trivial (Speaks the guy who's been playing with a Debian m68k install
onto a Centris for a couple of months). You will need a supported Ethernet
card and net access to do the Debian install.

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> i run a pc with windows xp as my internet connection. recently, i
> acquired an old mac LC III with one floppy drive. if i download freebsd
> and copy it to floppies on my windows pc, can i still use them to
> install freebsd to my mac?
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