Jalle defacto at
Wed Apr 23 14:42:36 PDT 2003

Well, FreeBSD doesn't really install from floppies...
You can use virtually any other way imaginable to install FreeBSD, but not 
floppies. Sure, you use them to start up the installation, but you must do 
the actual installing from some other media.

Maybe netbsd or openbsd would be a better choice for an old Mac?

Good luck anyway!


At 17:22 2003-04-23 -0400, Mike Driscoll wrote:
>i run a pc with windows xp as my internet connection. recently, i acquired 
>an old mac LC III with one floppy drive. if i download freebsd and copy it 
>to floppies on my windows pc, can i still use them to install freebsd to 
>my mac?
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