Adding a new IDE harddrive

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Apr 23 14:26:31 PDT 2003

> Yes, I did put the whole disk in one FreeBSD slice in fdisk 
> (/stand/sysinstall).   I will need another harddrive though, because I have 
> several users on my machine and now that I'm running an IRCd, 4 Eggdrop Bots, 
> a mailserver, a webserver, as well as a general use shell machine, I want to 
> be able to have that extra space.  I plan on letting them have FTP access as 
> well so they'll be able to have more space to play with.  

Sounds like you will be using up a lot of disk then and may
have occasion to add some in the future.  You might want to
check out vinum for that extra space which will let you design
some really big file systems.


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