Strange networking behaviour (memory leak?)

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Apr 23 10:54:25 PDT 2003

Bill Moran <wmoran at> writes:

> Adam wrote:
> >>FreeBSD is pretty smart about memory.  In the top display you see active,
> >>inactive, cache, buffer, wired, and free memory.  The memory that's actually
> >>free is really the sum of inactive, buffer, cache, and free.  The free
> >>memory is free immediately, those other three can become free with very,
> >>very little effort on the part of the kernel, but if you call up the same
> >>application again and it's still in inactive memory, it'll start up quicker
> >>than if it has to reload it from disk.
> >>Free memory is wasted memory.
> > Wow, thanks for the clarifications (and education). I actually very
> > glad
> > you explained this to me. You'll have to excuse my ignorance on some
> > topics; my lack of experience is sometimes glaringly obvious.
> Don't worry about it.  If you search the list archives, I think you'll see
> me asking the same question a number of years ago, and getting a similarly
> helpful answer.

Which explains why this is in the FAQ...

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