Problem on installing freebsd5.0 on an old 486

iyn 74 iyn74 at
Wed Apr 23 09:28:05 PDT 2003

Hi there!

First of all: forgive my English!! ;)
  I'm tring to install on an old 486, with 16mb(!)
ram, 33Mhz, 800Mb disk
and a VGA video..

  /stand/sysinstall seems to hang..

  I got the kern.flp and mfsroot.flp image
files(and drivers.flp too) from
2 cd's distribution of freebsd5.0, and the other files
for a minimun
  Started the pc with the first floppy, changed to the
when asked, and everything seems to be
right till I got: "/stand/sysinstall is runnig an init
on vty0" [on my
1st console, I think.. on the 2nd got a message from
the kernel..
maybe :)].
   Then nothing more.. It's not freezed, but even
every key
nothing happens;I can only switch from Alt-F1 to
Alt-F2(where pressing
Esc I get "no debugger in the kernel".
   Should I change something before booting? Got a
little shell with
10-15 commands.. something about hints?
   I've tried different hints(just to see what
like hints.vt.0.disabled,, before
booting, but nothing changed..
 Here is what I see on video:
  " Uncomprissig ... done
    BTX loader 1.00 btx version is 1.01
    console :internal video/keyboard

    Bios drive A: is disk0
    Bios drive B: is disk1
    Bios 639KB/15360KB available memory

    freebsd /i386 bootstrap loader, revision 1.1
    (root at holling...ect
    /kernel text=0x258514 data 0x32040 + 0x45b44|
    please insert MFSroot floppy and press enter "

    I change the floppy and got the "hit [enter] for
booting immediately.. " message, change the floppy and
    "booting [/kernel]
     preloaded elf kernel
     and a lot of other strings i've not copied.

     Other two things..

     on first console pressing ctrl-t I got:

"load:0.52 cmd:sysintall 1[running] 25,45u 289,04s 0%
 load:0.90 cmd:sysintall 1[running] 47,55u 354,64s 0%
 load:1.10 cmd:sysintall 1[running] 89,32u 989,04s 0%
 load:1.00 cmd:sysintall 1[running] 189,43u 1200,87s
1% 1068K
 load:1.00 cmd:sysintall 1[running] 467,66u 2904,77s
1% 1068k"
      a                               b      c       d

a goes from 0.01 to 1.12 then back to 1.00 constantly
b always grows
c    "     "
d from 0% to 1% 
e always 1068K 
     On the 2nd console I got:
"DEBUG: ioctl(3,TIOCCONS,NULL) = 0 (success) "
     and pressing ctrl-t:
"load:1.00 not a controlling terminal "

I didn't find any kernel configuration menù, as I read
on freebsd handbook.

     Better give up and say goodbye to that old,old

thanks in advance, Iynx.

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