Jeremy Faulkner gldisater at gldis.ca
Wed Apr 23 08:46:24 PDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 05:31:24PM +0200, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> I do a "make install clean" to install openoffice and notice that the
> new gcc-3.2.2 is installed too.
> I seem to remember having read somewhere that this version of gcc is not
> to be used for a 'buildworld'
> How can I prevent future trouble? In other words: how do I make sure
> that the 'right' gcc is used for the right job?
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Only ports that have "USE_GCC=3.2" in the port's Makefile will use
that gcc-3.2.2. It does not become the default compiler on the system.

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