Annother Wireless network card annother problem

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Tue Apr 22 22:02:23 PDT 2003

Now I have theNetgear card firmware updated (thanks
everyone, especially Doug Barton, for the all help) this PCI
card seems to perform extremely well and shows every
intention of being reliable.

I will give more feedback after it has een up for a few
weeks (I hope)


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> On Monday 21 April 2003 02:31, john at wrote:
> > Um, this seems to be all over the place - which mailing
list *SHOULD*
> > this topic be on?
> Probably on -questions; I'll send it back there.
> You screwed up the attributions somehow.  I wrote this:
> > >I also have a Lucent Orinoco Silver PCCard
> > > and a Belkin F5D6020 PCCard.  I don't use the Belkin
much because my
> > > battery life is noticeably shorter than with the
NetGear card.
> >
> > I have a Belkin F5D6020 which is giving me trouble -
although I am
> > trying to use it with a Belkin F5D6000 PCI adapter -
here's what the wi
> > driver has to say about them:
> >
> > wi0: <PRISM2STA WaveLAN> port
0xa400-0xa43f,0xa800-0xa87f mem
> > 0xf4000000-0xf4000fff irq 12 at device 10.0 on pci0 wi0:
> > CSR_READ_2(WI_HFA384X_SWSUPPORT0_OFF) wanted 18989, got
> > device_probe_and_attach: wi0 attach returned 6
> You don't mention which version of FreeBSD you're using.
Many of the PCI
> bridges on the 802.11 PCI adapters are not supported, or
not well
> supported, on FreeBSD 4.x.  I think some of them might
have better
> support on 5.x, but I haven't tried WiFi there, and if I
do, it'll be
> with with the Aironet PCI card.
> You might want to look into a PCCard bridge that is known
good for
> whatever release you're running.  Sorry, I don't have any
advice to give
> on that front, I haven't looked at those things for at
least 5 years.
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