setting up many FreeBSD boxes at once... advice?

Tillman tillman at
Tue Apr 22 20:26:02 PDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 06:09:32PM -0700, BSD baby wrote:
> I'm going to be setting up 6 identical FreeBSD boxes at the same time.
> (Workstation boxes inside our office.)
> Each one with the exact same setup.  Same ports installed, etc.
> Anyone whose done this before have any advice?
> Should I put /usr/ports on one NFS share so I don't have to keep
> cvsuping the directories or downloading the source files?

Sure, or you export just the /usr/ports/packages directory. Then build
all your packages on a single machine (preferably one of the faster
computers), make sure that /usr/ports/net/clusterit is installed, and
run `dsh portinstall -P foo_port` or `portupgrade -P foo_port` as
necessary to keep the nodes identical.

Something like `dsh 'portversion -vL='` can work wonders in telling you
what needs to upgraded on your group of computers :-)


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