[mail_lists] various little problems after qmail installation

Jim jconner at enterit.com
Tue Apr 22 17:29:41 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 22 April 2003 16:36, Liquid wrote:

I am probably going to get flamed by all the qmail enthusiasts out there but 
I will tell you my experiences with setting qmail up for Maildir format...


It is the most cumbersome set up I have ever had to go through.  I find 
setting up DNS in a jailed environment writing all the SOA's and RR's from 
scratch to be less cumbersome than dealing with setting up a qmail server.  
Therefore, I don't use Qmail anymore.

- Jim

| Hi everyone,
| I just got qmail installed on my server (with qmail-pop3d for pop3).
| After a few hiccups (first time setting up mail and all) I finally got
| it
| Working.  Then I realized I needed to switch to the ./Maildir type of
| mailbox.
| Since then, I've run ./maildirmake ~/user for a few users, and now they
| Don't have access to their files anymore.  I know how to fix this, but
| this,
| Together with the trouble I had getting pine and even outlook to see the
| Mailboxes gets me wondering that I surely could have done things better.
| With that in mind, I'm asking if anyone knows a good step-by-step on the
| net
| For qmail.  Google got me some garbage, and it got me the one at
| freebsddiary.
| It's a little outdated however.  There's no doubt I'm going to have to
| install
| This again sometime, so I'm hoping I can find something that won't turn
| it
| Into a full day ordeal.
| TIA,
| Sandro
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- Jim

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