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I see that you are progressing with your problem, I want to clarify
something to you, but I am not sure about if I am right because I am new
to FreeBSD too.

In your mail you are talking about 2 different programs BootEasy and BTX

BootEasy is the one that give the multiboot facility or bootmanager (the
F1 ??? an F5 ...), this is stored in the MBR of disk 0, because of this,
the size of this program is restricted to 512 bytes. If you have the CD
1 of installation, look in \TOOLS\SRCS\BTEASY, there is a README file
and the sources of this program, the BOOT.ASM is the program that goes
to the MBR, this is done with the BOOTINST program. 

If you know assambler, you can modify the BOOT.ASM to boot FreeBSD when
the F5 is pressed.

The BTX is the program in the bootsector of the partition of FreeBSD.
Because of this, it stay in the disk 1 (the second), it can only load

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	I can't find the solution anymore :-((

	I've the bsd bootloader installed on both my disks
	F1 ???
	F5 disk 1
	F1 FreeBSD
	F5 disk 0

	What I want is that by pressing F5 (the first one) FreeBSD gets
	and NOT the bootmanager! I lost the syntax though. I tried
	options w/ boot0cfg and fdisk but non worked. The BTX loader
stays on

	How can I remove the bootloader on disk 1. My fbsd-4.8
sysinstall does
	not seem to have the option of reinstalling the bootloader
anymore. But
	I'll do it on the console if someone tells me the syntax.

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