NZ FreeBSD Server

B. Wade Barmby wade.barmby at
Tue Apr 22 16:05:19 PDT 2003

Good morning,
I am one of the administrators at an ISP in New Zealand called ICONZ. (
Many of our server run specifically on FreeBSD over several other Unix
type operating systems.  We've also noticed that the New Zealand FreeBSD
distributor is no longer supplying the FreeBSd distributions via FTP.
We (ICONZ) would like to become the New Zealand FreeBSD repository for
Oceania.  Can you please forward some information regarding how we my
move forward with this?
Kind Regards,

B. Wade Barmby 
ICONZ Development 
Phone: 09 977 3500 
DDI: 09 977 3502 
Mobile: 021 665 221 <>  


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