Philip Hallstrom philip at
Tue Apr 22 14:14:18 PDT 2003

This is exactly what mod_ssl is for.  Follow the instructions in the
mod_ssl docs on how to create your own certificate (self-signed if you
don't want ot pay for one).

I do it (self-signed) for web-based email where I don't care if the users
get a popup about the certificate not being trusted (this is solvable if
you have them install all your certificates).


On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Redmond Militante wrote:

> hi
> possibly dumb question:
> i have a website that i'd like to serve over https:// instead of http://
> i'm using apache 1.3.27 freebsd 4.8
> can i use something like mod_ssl for this?  do i have to purchase a server certificate off a company like verisign?
> thanks for any advice you can give
> redmond

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