linux/freebsd kernel differences

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Apr 22 10:45:17 PDT 2003

> theres an argument here in our office about linux vs. freebsd
> we're building a new nfs server for our entire dept, and i suggested using
> fbsd, however, an opponent put forth linux and said that:
> "there is no difference between linux and freebsd kernels, except that
> linux has much better driver support.. WHY use obscure freebsd?"

There is a significant difference between the kernels.
When it comes to network serving, FreeBSD is more stable and
servicable and probably even higher performing overall.  
FreeBSD tends to have fewer exploitable holes as well and
fixes are quickly put out and readily applied when does happen.

FreeBSD people have concentrated on creating and maintaining 
reliable drivers for needed peripherals.   But, FreeBSD tends 
to not have drivers for every fly-by-night piece of flow-solder
that comes along - which you don't want for a real server anyway.


> anyone got any ammo i can use here? i'd really rather use fbsd since i'm
> much more familar with it and its never let me down (except in the area of
> native java support), and i believe it'd be perfect for our nfs box
> but i'll need some good concrete evidence to make my case..
> thanks
> nathan
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