Serial Console Question (re-sent w/ subject)

Daniel Bye dan at
Tue Apr 22 08:28:10 PDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 07:45:53AM -0700, Daryl Chance wrote:
> I've searched the handbook and haven't found anything
> about this.  I'm trying to setup a serial console for
> some remote machines i'm admining.  I want to set it
> up using null modem cables, as it says in the handbook
> like so: 
> www:s1 - sql:s2 
> www:s2 - mail:s1 
> sql:s1 - mail:s2 
> >From what i've read it needs a dumb terminal?  Is it
> possible to do it without using this and only setting
> it up with the null modem cables and nothing else?  I
> assume this is possible, but the documentation doesn't
> seem to say anything about using only the cables and
> nothing more. 

Yes, you can use just cables - I use a similar setup on my firewall box at
home, without a dumb terminal in sight.

You will need to use something like tip or cu to connect over the serial
consoles.  Check out
in the handbook for more details.


Daniel Bye

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