adding second network card

clay spencer freebsdude at
Tue Apr 22 08:01:18 PDT 2003

I installed a second 3Com Etherlink 3 card in a new 5.0 FreeBSD box. Both of these devices should be using the vortex device I believe(vx0 vx1 etc.) I have added the following to /etc/rc.conf: network_interfaces="lo0 vx0 vx1"ifconfig_vx0="inet netmask"ifconfig_vx0="inet netmask" and rebooted. On the console during boot I see the error: "ifconfig: interface vx1 does not exist" In my kernel config file for this kernel all ethernet devices are enabled. I have tried to "ifconfig vx1 create" type of command and still recieve the same message. I believe this is similar to Solaris "ifconfig plumb" argument. Can somebody help with what I might have overlooked. I do see link light on the card itself so I know its no a card issue per se'.Thanks in advance   

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