linux/freebsd kernel differences

Martin Nilsson martin at
Tue Apr 22 07:51:42 PDT 2003

beemern at wrote:
> we're building a new nfs server for our entire dept, and i suggested using
> fbsd, however, an opponent put forth linux and said that:

The NFS implementation in FreeBSD is regarded to be better if your 
clients are not only Linux boxes.

> "there is no difference between linux and freebsd kernels, except that
> linux has much better driver support.. WHY use obscure freebsd?"

That is complete BS, the kernels are not similar at all. And besides 
that, what better driver are there in Linux that you actually need for 
the NFS server? Linux have better drivers for things like scanners, 
cameras, joysticks etc. The drivers in FreeBSD for sever thingies are 

Just be careful with which machine you buy. I recommend buying from a 
dealer that knows about the OS you are going to run on the box so you 
get a system with components that know to perform well for your intended 

> anyone got any ammo i can use here? i'd really rather use fbsd since i'm
> much more familar with it and its never let me down 

If you are the one that is going to take care of the box the above is 
your best ammo. If you already know something and are happy with it why 

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