fbsd in bootmenu XP

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If your BIOS allow you to boot from the second disk, try that first.

First, you should know that I don kwon much about FreeBSD, but the last
week I make a test (an experiment) to have 3 OS in my pc :

Win95 Fat23

All in one disk, one of my experiment make me do a "fdisk /mbr" from
win95 witch erase the bootloader of freebsd.

This says to me that the loader of FreeBSD is in the MBR (master boot
record) of the disk, not in the boot sector of the
partition(ms-dos)/slice(FreeBSD) like NT o Win9X.

Then I boot from a floppy and run fdisk to activate the partition with
NT, and the boot loader of NT still there (because is in the boot

I turn off the pc and boot from floppy and activate the win95 with
fdisk, reboot the pc and boot win95 normal, then in fdisk I activate the
FreeBSD partition and reinit the pc and I get FreeBSD running.

Now I know that the loader of FreeBSD is better than NT because is in
the MBR.

In the cd of installation came a tool for ms-dos called bootinst.exe (in
the directory TOOLS) witch reinstall the boot loader of FreeBSD. After I
run it I get:

F1 ???
F2 ???
F3 FreeBSD

I don't kwon if this utility works for 2 hard disk, try it (you can see
the code if you need). But be careful, you are playing with you MBR.

When you install FreeBSD, you install it in the second drive or you move
it to the second drive when you install XP?


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I've two harddisks. On the first is win-XP on the second FreeBSD-4.8.
Both drives have a MBR made by boot0cfg. That's not as convenient as it
could (should) be. It would be nicer to have FreeBSD (on the second
harddisk) booted from within the XP-bootmenu. Can anybody explain what I
have to do to get the right "file" which I can put into the XP-bootmenu?

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