Compatible wireless nic

Bryan Vyhmeister bsd at
Mon Apr 21 22:09:12 PDT 2003

On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 09:51 PM, Remington L. wrote:

> I will be implementing a wireless LAN within the next few weeks. I will
> have FreeBSD 5.0 as the server. It will be acting as the default 
> gateway
> to the internet and as a WAP. From your guys experiences what are some
> good PCI 802.11b wireless cards? (full BSD compatible is a must of
> course)

I am presently running a Senao/EnGenius 200mW 802.11b wireless card 
inside a PCI adapter in a VIA C3 800 MHz mini-ITX system. It runs 
FreeBSD 5.0 and is my access point at home. It runs very well. I highly 
recommend the Senao/EnGenius cards. The cards work great in FreeBSD 
4.7, 4.8, and 5.0. I got my cards from:

As a side note, I could not get FreeBSD 4.7 or 4.8 to recognize the PCI 
adapter properly but 5.0 works like a charm. Hope that helps.


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