Video Compression Apps

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon Apr 21 21:05:08 PDT 2003

In the last episode (Apr 21), Joe Pokupec said:
> I'm a FreeBSD newbie. I have a file server set up on 4.7 using Samba
> for file services and Apache for web services. I have lots of videos
> that I capture from TV and save in MPEG1 (VCD) format and store on
> the FreeBSD box.
> Does anyone know of an app that can be scripted or scheduled (using
> cron) to regularly convert these MPEG1 video files into DIVX or
> MPEG4? For that matter, are there any MPEG1 or DIVX video editors
> and/or capture utilities available for FreeBSD 4.7?

ports/multimedia/ffmpeg is probably what you're looking for.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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