Diskless Workstation Boot - kernel.diskless can't parse file...

K Anderson freebsduser at attbi.com
Mon Apr 21 14:12:07 PDT 2003


I'm interested in checking out the diskless workstation stuff but I am 
finding the documentation sorely lacking.

I have the dhcp server configured but I am at a point where the 
etherboot floppy connects, gets the assigned IP address and other 
information then gets stuck with the following error

Loading can't parse file name 

I think it might have to do with the tag kernel but the command to make 
the tagged kernel doesn't exist.

So I'm looking for someone to lead me to the holly grail of diskless 
workstations so I can check it out.

Really good instructions are greatly appreciated.

I'm using Etherboot 5.0.8 from ports.

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