FTP install for a newbie

Are-Harald Brenne are-harald.brenne at econ.uib.no
Mon Apr 21 13:32:56 PDT 2003

> Everything works fine at the beginning, except when it tries to install the packages or the ports. I can see on my FTP server that the commands FreeBSD sends to receive the files are wrong. FreeBSD sends:
> RETR packages/All/xxx
> xxx being the name of the package. 
> When FreeBSD sends that, the server answer that the file does not exist, because I think the command should be:
> RETR packages/All/xxx.tbz
> I tried that command with my Windows ftp client and it works. But I don't know how to set it up in FreeBSD...
> Thanks a lot for your help, and sorry if my english is not very good.

I can suggest two work-arounds.

Do not install any packages at first. Configure the network card. Reboot.

Ftp to the windows box and download the packages you need by hand. Use pkg_add to install. Or, better. Run 

then install the packages with pkg_add -r package-name.version123. 
The setenv command can be added to /root/.cshrc if you want it set all the time.


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