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parv parv_fm at emailgroups.net
Mon Apr 21 13:11:08 PDT 2003

in message <3EA3FDFB.2030005 at lehigh.edu>, wrote Paul Tsai thusly...
> Jason if you type g++ --version at the shell you will find that
> your g++ is above 3.2.  GNU decided to become totally ansi
> compliant with thier 3.2 version...

GCC 3.2 is close but not quite; see comp.lang.c++.* where it fails.

> One thing to mention, if it bothers you that much as a new
> programmer (which it means this is probably going way over your
> head) you can install an older version of gcc

One should get used to it (specifying 'std' as the namespace, where
appropriate of course) or one would face mighty trouble when the
time comes to write classes.

In the mean time, Jason(OP?) could put the the following after
including '<iostream>'...

  using namespace std;

...in lieu of prefixing 'cout' w/ 'std::'.

(Are we off topic yet?)

  - Parv


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