VPN Gateway Web Interface

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at northnetworks.ca
Mon Apr 21 07:32:42 PDT 2003

This is likely OT, but probably one of the best places to ask, I hope.

I have been deploying FBSD VPN Routers all over the place, but got an
opportunity through the ISP that I work for to play with a MultiTech VPN
Gateway device over the weekend. It is pretty good as I hacked the root
account and looked through the php docs on the Linux system.

I disagree with the licensing model, and want to build my own interface
for my Free boxes that do identical functions to the multitech. I would
like to build with perl and am wondering how one would seriously go about
starting up such a project.

I have built many ISP related web interface tools, but none the size of
this, and certainly do not have time to do it all myself.

Some of the ideas that I have include:

- Auto install of system, including appropriate ports (httpd, squid, BIND,
raccoon, etc)
- Auto configuration of Kernel to perform NAT, IPSEC, BRIDGE, IPFIREWAL,
- Complete web interface for management of unit (in Perl)

Hopefully there are others out there who rely heavily on FreeBSD for
routing, NAT, Firewall and vpn solutions that see a need/want for this
type of idea and would be willing to at least discuss where something like
this could start.

A good web interface would also provide a method for lower-level support
staff to set up cpe instead of doing it all manually ourselves.


Steve Bertrand

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