Problems with the new Pine Port

Static static at
Sun Apr 20 18:33:38 PDT 2003

Hello freebsders, quick question for those with Pine-Fu

I recently installed pine 4.55 from ports and mail is no longer being
taken from my INBOX path and transfered to ~/mbox.

I uninstalled reinstalled pine and this did nothing.  All of the U of
Wash's documents state that pine uses c-client's drivers to for the type
of action I'm looking for. I uninstalled cclinet (/usr/ports/mail/cclient)
and attempted to recompile pine  I didn't see pine attempt to look for

Looking in pine's documentation I found the "disable-these-drivers"
section that can be entered in the ~./pinerc to turn the mbox function
off, but is there a way to directly turn this on?   pine -h, googling and
searching UW"s website did not turn up any information.

Thank you list


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