evolution question

Gary D Kline kline at thought.org
Sun Apr 20 11:43:30 PDT 2003

	On another FBSD server I installed evolution but cannot
	send mail.  A popup reports that sendmail exited with
	status 71: mail not sent.  Some test messages are saved 
	in my evolution OUTBOX.

	I used /var/mail/kline as mhy spool; sendmail for outgoing.
	The thing that gets me is tht on another internal server
	running RH, evolution seems to work fine.

	evolution prints errors to stderr on my xterm; if I am missing
	some gnome libraries, that may explain it.  

	Can anybody clue me in here?  Do I need to be running Gnome or
	KDE for this to work?  (I'm using ctwm.)


	PS: NB: I'm missing (at least) libgmodule-2.0.so.0 on this
	    server.  Lots of cleanup to do here, so am trying it/evolution
	    on my DNS and mail server.

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