cdrom - device not configured error

W. Sierke ws at
Fri Apr 18 16:07:59 PDT 2003

"Michelle Weeks" wrote:
> thank you wayne.  i tried the command atacontrol list and get the
> following error: atacontrol: control device not found: No such file or
> directory?

That doesn't sound good, does it?

What does:

# dmesg | grep -2 "cd0"

and perhaps:

# ls -l /dev/a[ct]*


If your dmesg doesn't show anything abnormal, I suspect you're probably
going to have to look at taking the server down and having the hardware
checked out. You might be able to try the atacontrol "reinit" command if the
cdrom isn't sharing the channel with any critical devices such as hard disks
but given that the consequences are uncertain, this is probably only an
avenue to consider as a last resort to trying to keep the server up. How
important is it for you to be able to use the CDROM?


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