cdrom - device not configured error

W. Sierke ws at
Fri Apr 18 15:19:15 PDT 2003

"Michelle Weeks" wrote:
> i'm trying to mount /dev/acd0c and i keep getting the error "device not
> configured".  the freebsd handbook states that either the drive does
> not think there is a cd in the tray or the machine can't see the drive
> on the bus.  i've put the cd in the tray several times, tried multiple
> cds that can be read by another freebsd machine and still the error
> "device not configured".  this is a production server and i would like
> to avoid bringing the server down if at all possible.  is there a way
> to tell if the machine can see the cdrom drive on the bus?  or is there
> something else that could be causing this behavior?

atacontrol should be useful. Note the warnings in the manpage about
potential (bad!) results of incorrect usage, however! But should be fine to
use the 'list' command for this purpose:

# atacontrol list
ATA channel 0:
    Master:  ad0 <ST380024A/3.33> ATA/ATAPI rev 6
    Slave:       no device present
ATA channel 1:
    Master: acd0 <CD-ROM 40X/AKU/T02> ATA/ATAPI rev 0
    Slave:       no device present

That should at least tell you if it's seeing the drive. You could perhaps
try the "reinit" command on the appropriate channel (if it only has the
cdrom, etc. on it), but perhaps only as a last resort in case it has
unwanted consequences! It's quite possible that the drive is simply no
longer serviceable. :(

Good luck with it.


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