is this portupgrade command close?

Gary D Kline kline at
Fri Apr 18 11:49:42 PDT 2003

On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 02:23:40PM -0400, E. J. Cerejo wrote:
> >	   # portupgrade -bP openoffice-1.0.3
> If you want to keep a backup of the older files and build a package 
> after install then it is the command but it won't upgrade the 
> dependencies. If dependencies need to be upgraded also you might end up 
> with different versions of dependencies.
> Since I'm not interested in keeping a backup or build a package I always 
> use this:
> # portupgrade -R port_name
> The -R makes sure it builds my out of date dependencies also

	Since I have the newer 1.0.3 src I could just rebuild 
	here.  That may be the more rational approch if  I were
	to do a src upgrade.  

	Shouldn't the dependencies be correctly configured in
	the package tarball?   


	PS: thx for your oreillynet pointer in your next post.


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