How to Reinstall OpenOffice from Ports

Bill Moran wmoran at
Fri Apr 18 09:49:22 PDT 2003

Bob Perry wrote:
> I just attempted to install OpenOffice -1.0.2_2 suite using the FreeBSD 
> (4.7 RELEASE) ports tool.
> After successfully completing the make install process, I started the 
> setup script, ./setup, instead of ./setup -net by mistake .  I stopped 
> the process and started again using the /setup -net script.
> I inadvertently started the deinstall process and had to start again. 
> This time I realized that I had lost the setup scripts and apparently 
> some other important config files as well.
> I thought that I could make things whole again by running another make 
> install but nothing happended.  Am I wrong in this assumption?  Is there 
> a step I missed in trying to run make install?

Not sure I understand exactly what process you went through, but ...

make deinstall; make install should work

Alternative, "make reinstall" seems to repeat the process of copying
files to their final homes.

All from the port directory, of course.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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