Abit BE7-RAID, RTL8100 Ethernet

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at raad.tartu.ee
Fri Apr 18 06:40:30 PDT 2003


I'm consulting a small web development company in taking
their web server from IIS to FreeBSD/Apache and they are
planning to buy a new PC for this project, which is based
on Abit BE7-RAID motherboard.

Otherwise this mobo seems to be well supported by FreeBSD,
but it has an integrated RTL8100 Ethernet of which I can find 
no mention in 4.8 hardware notes. However, in searching the 
list archives I found a hint that someone was actually using 
it with FreeBSD 4.4 and rl driver.

If anyone is using a motherboard with RTL8100 integrated
Ethernet (or even exactly the same motherboard), please drop
me a note.
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